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In your dreams, every detail matters.​


“Ugh, I’m so stressed out I can’t even think straight!” This is the number one thing my clients come to me with. Honestly, I love to hear this! For me, this means I am needed. I am there to help and bring some relief to my clients so they can enjoy the planning process without being stressed out. I love helping my clients find the joy in organizing their special day.
During my time working as an Executive Assistant for a large non-profit organization, I had to organize plenty of events. From fundraisers to community outreach programs, you name it and I planned it. Through all of this, I discovered my niche; organizing events that brought people together! I found that my favorite part of the job was those times when the company was putting on a big event and I was the party planner. The bigger the event, the more stuff I had to prepare for, the more volunteers I had to coordinate, it didn’t matter because I loved the chaos!
After my time with the non-profit was complete, I still had a lot of friends and family coming to me for advice on planning their social events.  I soon realized that although I love the chaos of planning parties, they tend to stress most people out. My friends and family were coming to me because they saw the joy I have when planning and trust me to put on an event of their dreams. After praying about it and discussing it with my husband (and two fortune cookie fortunes that really put me in my place), he finally gave me the confidence I needed to start Recrafted Event Planning. 
A little bit about my personal life, I am a boy-mom to the cutest toddler ever, a stepmother, wife, and dog-mom. I am a Guardsman in the New York Army National Guard and I work full-time for the Army Corps of Engineers. If I’m not at the gym you can find me outdoors hiking, kayaking, camping, or exploring the city of Buffalo with my family. I’m also an avid reader and believe there is no better smell in the world than that of a worn book. I’m addicted to Pinterest but my crafts never turn out like those darn pictures. Don’t let my list of activities intimidate you. I LOVE to be busy and none of this will interfere with me planning the perfect event for you.